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Tooling Design

Comprehensive solutions designed for reliability.

At the center of our operation is our multi-disciplined group, delivering a number of engineering services, including:

  • finite element analysis
  • rapid prototype tooling design
  • 3D tool design using solid modelling
  • automation design and implementation
Engineering FEA Forming Limit Diagram to ensure quality parts
Engineering FEA Detailed simulation ensures part stability

ETBO ensures successful, on-time production launches by applying finite element analysis (FEA) to:

  • simulate the metal forming process
  • predict potential failures and material spring-back
  • evaluate draw bead geometry prior to manufacturing

The result is a more intelligent, reliable tool design.

Design is also at the core of our custom process solutions, including:

  • in-die sensors
  • in-die processing
  • automated part validation
  • robotic packaging

These capabilities ensure part consistency and reduce costs through minimized manual handling and processing.

Engineering CAD Screen Collaborative Cross-functional teams

Our services are both innovative and value-added due to:

  • our ability to design and implement creative solutions, and
  • our agility in responding to customer requirements and changes
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