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Innovative stamping solutions that maximize your budget.

ETBO's strength as a stamper lies in our ability to deliver a range of stampings - from the simple to the complex. Our facility maintains a variety of resources and capabilities that provide extreme flexibility and efficiency in meeting our client's needs.

We work in a wide range of materials, including:

  • stainless steel, HSLA steels, and plated/coated metals
  • aluminum, brass, bronze, copper
  • composites
  • material thicknesses from 0.003” - 0.400”
Stamping Robot Robotic packaging for efficiency and consistency

Our in-die processing and robotic and linear transfer systems deliver high-quality stamping solutions with significant cost reductions including:

  • in-die value added features such as welding and rivet, contact & nut insertion
  • in-die process monitoring for 100 % part validation

Real-time PC-integrated process control monitors all aspects of the stamping process.  You can be confident in the consistency of our products, due to our:

  • ability to monitor stamping processes by employing over 40 sensors.
  • comprehensive monitoring of position, bend angle, material/emboss thickness, force and colour.
  • itemized recording of all sensor data inputs, resulting in advanced SPC capabilities.
stamping Real-time in-die part measurements

Key stamping capabilities include:

  • progressive and compound tooling
  • robotic & linear transfer systems
  • volumes from 3 to over 3 million parts per year
  • presses from 30 to 800 tons
  • full complement of feeding, straightening, handling, and packaging equipment
  • on-time, on-budget delivery with peace of mind

On-site design and tooling teams support our stamping operations, maximizing production efficiency and competitiveness, while also surpassing customer expectations for part quality.

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