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Product Samples

Our in-house expertise can provide you with:

  • simplified supply chain management by delivering finished stampings, backed by our tooling and automation solutions
  • tooling and/or automation for use in your own stamping facility
  • advanced engineering support
  • superior after-sales die service

We combine our services to produce:

  • precision stampings
  • thin-metal stampings
  • complex formed components
  • structural components

We currently support customers in the following industries:

  • automotive
  • heavy equipment
  • aerospace
  • medical
  • electrical
  • consumer
Thin Metal Forming Thin Metal Forming
Metal Part for Overmolding Metal part for overmolding
Aerospace Aluminum Bracket Aerospace Aluminum Bracket
Progressive die Progressive die
Structural Stamping Aluminum Cover
3mm medical jaws 0.2" thick bumper bracket
3mm medical jaws 3mm medical jaws
0.010 thick Spring contact 0.010" thick Spring contact
Electrical contacts for overmolding Electrical contacts for overmolding
Electrical contact material strip Electrical contact material strip
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